5 Tips to Control Your Travel Budget

With our 9 to 5 activities, 12 days a year for leaving permission and reasonable income, here’s our tricks and tips to make our trip worth! We always try our best to respect our-self with concerning how we spend after what and/or how we earn. We don’t do all day luxurious travel since it might not really our style or simply we can’t afford it, neither working out budget traveling that much.

So here’s our 5 tips based on our experience, also some opinions you might can consider for your travel plan. Enjoy!

1. Pay attention with promotions

Exa and Feli subscribes for numbers of airlines emails, each of us has different list which make it easier for us to track and compare and avoid double updates. It doesn’t have to be all budget airlines, even a high-end airlines also have interesting promotions!

You can also joins travel public groups on Facebook, for instance we join Backpacker International (where the members shares their travel experience, keep us posted with lots of online promotions, and yes it helps!). We also join in WhatsApp group chat from TravelMore, the group members often share flight promotion there. We normally check flight prices through Skyscanner, Traveloka, Airpaz or Via. Always check from more than one source and use incognito window on your browser because the website could track our search history and the price could be different.

2. Know your plan means know where your money will go

Some people say “no plan is the best plan”. Well we also don’t have timely plan, but we surely make sure each other list down places we want to visit and when (basically judging by daytime or night). By knowing where to go, we can gather numbers of destination to visit in 1 day and save the transportation cost.

Lately we aware that we are surrounded with instagenic places. If I (Feli) follow my ego, I will rush Exa to visit all of this place so I have bunch of picture to satisfy my Instagram feed (hey, have you follow us? Cheers!!). But sometimes it doesn’t really work. We like to make our time have a certain quality not only quantity. Slow your pace and let the environment not only to please your eyes but soul. Cheesy? Try it yourself. There’s so much feeling can’t be describe during traveling

3. Eat like local

You don’t need to go to fancy restaurant/cafe to enjoy local food. Try to avoid touristic cafes who has multinational menus and have “we speak English” sign. You can go to local restaurant and simply show some pictures and HEY!! GOOGLE TRANSLATE! It’s now can translate with camera!

Exa always reminds me not to skimpy for meals but it’s not wrong to try go out for picnic in the park with $2 sandwich, have a breakfast package in 7eleven instead of take room with breakfast, last but not least bring a water bottle anytime everywhere.

4. Low season travel

You’ll get cheaper fare and easily find more budget rooms. Not to mention how you can avoid crowds and traffic. This can work if you want to go to New York, Paris, Rome, London which interesting anytime of the year

5. ATM? Money changer? But not traveler checks

Be wise where do you want to get the bills. Before you go, make sure your bank rate or fees if you use ATM abroad, you can check the rate on the bank website. If you want to minimize the fee, make fewer and larger withdraw and split the cash with your partner (just in case). Sometimes money changer also can offer lower rate. Keep an eye for it!

We can dig as much as we can from the internet, but the best thing is learn from your own experience then you’ll master it before you realize. What are you waiting guys? Let’s travel! Uppss, after getting your leaving approval from big boss yep! If you have other good tips, let us know on the comment!!!

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