5 Ways to Save Kilos of Your Luggage

For some people they won’t mind to pay extra for their baggage, but couple like us often think twice for baggage especially because promotions often come only with cabin capacity (without meals or baggage). Exa himself, he considers for gadget space rather than clothes yet for me (Feli) I manage to bring various clothes do doodle up with OOTD photos (but after all ended up with shorts and shirt).

With all of the packing drama, here’s 5 ways you can do to save kilos on luggage:

1. Mini tiny toiletries 

If you don’t have any problem with changing soap or shampoo, just do hotel’s toiletries. Yet if you have some, spend more money to buy little container/bottle which you can use many times later for the next trip.

We sometimes don’t bring any and just simply buy from local mini market. As a woman, I tempt to try fancy soap/shampoo for a short trip. Lucky me I don’t have any allergy or sensitive for something. If you really need to save kilos and money, you can find it on YouTube for DIY paper soap and paper shampoo even!

2. Laundry on the road

You can easily wash your underpants and have it hairdryer dry or hang it for a night. Find yourself a laundry service around. We know hotel laundry is costly, but some hotels can offer you free laundry if you stay up to 4 nights. Double check this matter, sometimes the receptionist forgot to let you know.

3. BYE-HEY bulky things!

Check again your carry-on-bag and cabin capacity. Wear your heavier shoes if you bring more than 1. Wear your jacket or sweater if any. Books, camera, charger, and just in case 1 set of changing clothes can be load to your carry-on-bag.

4. Clothes and accessories management
Wearing basic color that won’t show dirt obviously (black, navy blue, maroon, khaki, grey) which also can be use in any situation and easy to mix and match. Wisely choose which accessories you want to bring, ex : lightweight accessories like scarves. For me, I sometime use accessories which I bought for souvenirs later LOL! Last but not least, don’t fold but roll your clothes, it will also save some space.
5.  Buy new lightweight luggage
I know your backpack or luggage accompany you everywhere. You might love it because it has so much story to tell. But we also have to admit, technology become better and better. People design so freaking light case but with great quality and durable. It might be costly and expensive, but I can call this as an investment. Not only to reduce the weight of using older heavy bags, but also good for your back-bone.
If you doubt our tips, how about to dare us to prove it? Simply commenting below, which country we should visit (or where to go) with our tips above! Can’t wait for the next trip!!!

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