About Us

Who we are

Turtle and mermaid represent us best! Exaudi and Felicia, twosome millennial generations born in 90s who are trying our best to experiencing budget or luxurious and adventurous travel that will toned our skin and make our relationship stronger.

Before we met, both of us do love traveling which mostly with friends, family, even solo travel sometimes. Exaudi travelled 7 countries while Felicia had already visited 10 countries. But, why don’t do for second visit as a couple! Our first travel experience was before we’re a couple, turns out traveling is the surest way to find out whether you like or hate the person. We kept each other posted, chit-chat, hangout for movies, and we made it together in Valentine’s day 2016. Cheesy? Meh! It’s easier for us to remember the day. JK!

Since then, we surprised each other with travelling plan! A sudden flights issued, google calendar invitation for short vacay received before we even discussed, and who knows if today we are in Bali and tomorrow in Iceland?

How do we fund our travel

We have our saving from 9 to 5 activities. Also we have this rules to put $7/person to our piggy bank every time we meet (its IDR 100.000 in our currency, the biggest paper bill for IDR). Both of us join numbers of travel groups in social media to keep us posted mostly for flights promotion. As Mr. Turtle do love photography and lately videography, Ms. Mermaid often encourage him to take photo contest which prize is traveling for two domestic or abroad!

Our piggy bank (a.k.a celengan)

We decided to have our own travel blog with hope to inspiring others. Travel is the only thing that makes us richer! With the hope for 365 days of campervan trip around Indonesia, keep yourself entertain with what we share, where we go, or perhaps shall we traveling together?