Phuket, a week with that sun

We Took It slow in : Phuket!

There’s so many reasons why numbers of big movie went to Phuket for a shot. Say for one of Hollywood prince charming; Leonardo DiCaprio with The Beach, the man with actions, guns, and pretentious lady ; James Bond : The Man with the Golden Gun {Roger Moore), who don’t know Renee Zellweger the lucky complicated woman in Bridget Jones : The Edge of Reason, and YES my favorite after all Star Wars : Revenge of The Sith and many more. But, what’s ours? What’s yours?


When. 7 days 6 nights in February 2017 : 32°C daylight, 23°C night. The sea was so calm and suited for watersport activities. Count diving in if you are a diver!

Currency. Thai Bath. During the time was US$1 = THB 35.07 (US$1 = IDR 13341.71). We spent THB 20.000 not included the flights and hotel (hotel and flights we got it for free from photo contest so you can look for based on your budget or preference).

Transportation. Taxi, Uber/Grab, car hire, motorcycle. We found it fun and adventurous by rent a motorcycle (THB 250/day).

Street food near our hotel
Thai tea

Food you have to try! Tom yum from its expert, seafood market, night street food at weekend market. Dare your self to try fries insects like cockroaches, crickets, grasshoppers, worms, etc?

Shopping. Our favorite place is the local market! As Thailand is popular for its weekend market, we went to weekend market in Mueang Phuket District. You can also find youth indie small business market in Phuket Walking Street Market, old town Phuket. Anyway, we also found out that the sports station pricing at the Central Mall is cheaper than in Jakarta. They also have collections which is not available in Jakarta’s malls.

Social travelers (on budget or non), foodies, culture lover, adventurers, beach babes or most likely think yourself as a mermaid like I do, you should go to Phuket!

Wat Chalong
The Big Buddha

As this was our first time went to Phuket, we did surfing on the web like top 10 things to do in Phuket. We went to The Big Buddha which is still improving for the construction but offer you experience to get blessed from the monk or to express your prayer through coins and sculpture. Also visited some temples but the most popular one is Wat Chalong in Mueang Phuket District. Although those are worship place not a few people who come just to take a pictures, even pre-wedding. Just make sure if you are wearing an appropriate clothes to shows some respect.

Patong, Karon, Kata are three most popular beach. But the whoop-de-do is centralized in Patong! You can catch for the watersport activities before sunset, have fresh beachside seafood restaurant for dinner, and entertain yourself at Bangla Road (you might want to consider not to bring your kids at night here).

Phi Phi Island

Our favorite part was when we went for Island trip yet we didn’t go for diving because we went for it couple months before in another spot. We picked Phi-Phi Island & Khai Island package. Some said, the more island we take, the cheaper. True. But we don’t want to rush 5 islands in 1 day trip. You wont be able to enjoy it since you’ll have to be aware for the “pink group, go back to the boat please!!” So yes, its included lunch, safety jacket, mask/goggle for snorkeling. And hey, we would like to recommend you to go with Phuket Tours Direct.

Upside-down house


Upside-down house
Upside-down house
Upside-down house

For young couple, fam-cation, or travel with friend, you can go to Baan Teelanka & A-Maze-in-Phuket & Chamber of Secrets where they organized the room as an upside-down house. From playing with watersports in Patong Beach, night street food hunting, practicing our front-flip jump from the speedboat in PhiPhi Island, our time in Phuket surely was fulfilled with with romance and adventure.

PS. 101 turtle and mermaid reasons why you should travel with your partner : It’s the most accurate way to be surer whether you like them or hate them so that you know you are ready to travel your lifetime with them!

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