Sabang, the very west of Indonesia

We Took It slow in : Sabang

From the very west of Indonesia, Weh Island or Sabang by the locals, we would like to hello you from our KM 0! A lot of interesting things happened here, especially how happy I (Feli) was for being accompanied with my forever diving buddy! Yes, here Exa took his first discovery scuba in Sabang. Me myself is a PADI diver, getting close for the advance diver from the log.


When. 4 days 3 nights in September 2016: 30°C daylight, 22°C night. And you have to noted there are numbers of hidden beach which you can’t find it on the internet but with skin shoes and motorbike adventure!

Currency. Rupiah (IDR). During the time was US$1 = IDR 13.165. We spent Rp 9.062.000 all in (flights, accommodation, local transportation, 2 pax of discovery scuba).

Transportation. Car hire, motorcycle, local taxi. The sun was so beautifully friendly to enjoy with rent a motorcycle.

Please be noted! Read this carefully and dig more to other sources if you feel like to. For Indonesian ; you have to double check with the hotel staff if it’s OK for couple who’s not married yet (some are OK, several are not OK). Even if you go with your friends, women and men need to have separated room, you’ll need to show your ID upon checking. We have to respect the fact that the local adheres Sharia values. As in the easiest way to say, this is not Bali guys! Dress up properly and don’t be mad if they refuse to accept your beer order when the foreigner can. For non-Indonesian ; you’re allowed to wear a bikini, tank top, order beers, around the hotel and beach. So we suggest you to carry your cardigan on your bag anytime, anywhere, just in case.

Shopping. Nothing much to shop about. Hotels offer their shop center of locals souvenirs and chips. If you wish for shopping experience, stick with the locals where they can take you to man markets in town. After all, we went here, and mostly people do come here for the beach!!

Surprisingly going to Sabang is really easy and well managed! From Jakarta, we have to get the flight to Aceh (sometimes through Medan can be cheaper but will take times on the road), from BTJ airport we went to Ulee Lheue harbor to catch the ferry by local taxi (we’ve been told that the private cab is more expensive and they don’t run their argo). If you don’t mind with Rp 20.000 – Rp 50.000 differences, you can ask your hotel where you stay to manage the pick-up from airport to hotel (all in with ferry tickets and local taxi).

After half day on the road, we took our first day slow at Freddies Santai Sumurtiga. We won’t boost it too much but meals are best here, all the rooms head to the beach. All this blue scenery pleased us at its maximum!

Numbers of beautiful and unique diving spots here. Ours was in Rubiah Island, only 5-7 meters depth for discovery scuba since it was Exa first dive. No regret though we can’t see various fishes, we were entertained by the sculptures. Old cars, motorbike, swings, 0 km monument replica, but hey octopus are everywhere. So be sure to had enough of carrots before you dip.

Next touristic highlight are KM 0 monument, Air Terjun Pria Laot, and Jaboi Volcano Crater. Don’t take it serious in Sabang. The only greatest things you have to do is just enjoy the beach and have coconuts everywhere! Follow the beach line, you’ll see different perspective of Indian ocean. The rest, I hope our pictures and videos can tell it all.

The last day before went for the flight, we strolled around the city. Watch your spare time, ours was 5-6 hours before the flights. We went to Aceh Tsunami Museum and had gossebumps when we stand on the wells prayer where there’re 230.000 names of people who died from the biggest Tsunami in Indonesia. Unfortunately Baiturrahman Grand Mosque was under construction so we can only strolled from the outside. PLTD Apung, a 2.600 tons diesel power boats which blown up to five kilometers from Ulee Lheue beach.

Last but not least, Aceh noodle! Known best as the only Indonesian traditional food – CMIIW – that use marijuana as one of its condiment. Oh yum!

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