The Godzilla Crib (Kandang Gozila): But we didn’t hear any “Rarww!”

The new hype mother nature instagram-able spot is here! Even those who live nearby, wondering and keep asking us where the location is! People of instagram call this place “Kandang Godzilla”, because it looks like Godzilla lives there.  Luckily, we met the guy who found this place when he was searching for a place for pre-wedding. According to him, he named this place “Stone Garden”, but then the owner of the place suddenly change to “Kandang Godzilla”. The owner? Yes! This place itself is a family sand mine and when there’s none left to excavated, they made paddy field and kaleyard. 

Exa was so excited to go for sunrise snap and didn’t mind to pick up Feli at 3AM from Depok to Bekasi (takes about 30km). From Bekasi we left at 3.50AM and headed to Kandang Godzila via Pantura highway (which about 83km from West Bekasi toll gate). As he drove casually, I feed him a super yummy ox-tongue for our early breakfast. About 5.05AM we arrived on the spot and there were already a group of 5 photographers who waited for Ms. Sunshine to rise and shine!

Our first impression was unexpected from what we thought. The parking lot is well managed, it has one small stall, new-built toilet (but you gotta pay IDR 2000/person). So with any chance we sip our morning tea and coffee. You can have yourself cup noodle there or in another case the owner allows us to have a breakfast at his place (which we didn’t take since we had breakfast on the go already).

About 5.20AM we headed in to pin the best spot. We have to pay IDR 3000/person for the entrance fee. It’s not that far and you don’t have to hike. Its about 200 meters only from the parking lot. For a city bugs like us, we were pretty amazed on the first sight. Exa couldn’t help himself but smile, knows how he can snap and make a great beautiful photo with gears he brought! I can’t help myself either to dress up soon, so by the time all the sunrise hunter contended with the golden hour, I stepped in on the frame. And guess what, every lenses went to Feli!! This sassy girl was so happy. After all, Exa’s snap is the best. Seriously! At least its on my perspective and not because he’s my boyfriend. Check out my instagram in tagged column and you can see other photographer’s snap! Exa also got the chance to flew his drone and its also was the first time, the owner saw what’s going on and how does it look around his mine!

After that, we went down to the paddy field area. You can easily go down with your flipflop, shoes, or barefoot. Too bad I have to say this but, you wont be stray as you will see the traces of the garbage. So please, do not littering! You can enjoy yourself a cup of black coffee/tea as there’s a small stall in the middle of the paddy field. Local people usually go down here for fishing. So the higher the sun, the higher number of the goer. For us, the best time to come here is to catch the golden hour time. If you come about 7AM, you’ll see numbers of cyclist. Above 7.30AM it starts to feels like a market. Perhaps because the place is still happening so everyone trying to go here.

You don’t have to be worry to get starve, there will be numbers of stand stall selling various traditional mix rice for breakfast after 7AM. You can also ask the owner to arrange Liwetan but you gotta ask in advance (too bad we didn’t get the chance to ask his number. We’ll update it later or perhaps you can write down in comment if you know).

So? Go visit Kandang Godzilla and share your pictures or story with us!

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